3 (of Many) Benefits of a Local Agent

Local Agent

Did you know there are specific benefits to having a local insurance agent? We sure did! Let us explain why having a local agent is not only to your advantage — it’s the best choice!

Your Local Agent is There For You

While a local agent isn’t necessarily a genie in a bottle, appearing out of thin air whenever you rub the lamp, there are definitely benefits to dealing with a local agent. You often have the option to deal with your agent face-to-face, helping you see all of your options. Your local agent isn’t just a voice on the phone; he or she cares about you and can help you get the best coverage for yourself and your family. If you’re confused or have questions, you don’t have to call some large company call center and hope to get your problem resolved. Local agents can often provide a level of personal service that’s not available with other insurance providers.

Your Local Agent Knows What Life is Like In Your Area

While a company representative in another city might have access to your state’s insurance laws, a local agent knows your community and your specific needs. Since your agent works directly with other insured people in your community, he or she knows what kinds of claims regularly come their way. He or she knows the inherent risks present in your area, such as wildfires or hail storms, and can help you prepare and get the right coverage.

This understanding of the community gives them a local point of view about the types of insurance recommended for people in your city and your neighborhood. You want the best insurance, so work with someone who knows what life is like in your area!

Support Local Business

While many local insurance companies are affiliated with a well-known, larger company (like 360 Insurance!), working with a local agent helps the economy in your community. More business means more work, and more work means more employees — thus helping provide jobs in your local area.

Wherever you are in your life’s journey, you deserve to have the best insurance experience possible!

Do you have the quality, personalized care that comes from a local insurance agent?

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