5 Reasons To Visit Your County Fair This Summer!

County Fair

Are you looking for the perfect way to spend a gorgeous summer day? Consider visiting your local county fair this summer with your significant other, family or friends. The fair will definitely have something to offer for everyone regardless of their age and make for a very fun and inexpensive afternoon.

Here are 5 reasons you should visit your local county fair this summer:

1. Choose from a wide variety of food!

There is a wide array of food available at the local fair. Granted, fair food is not known to be the healthiest. County fairs offer the best fried sweet treats in this world, such as Twinkies, Oreos, Snickers, ice cream, funnel cakes, pies, and even chocolate covered bacon! But there is plenty more to be found — grilled corn, gourmet sausages, and even salads at some stands.

2. Create inspiration for your kids

With hundreds of children showing off their 4-H projects, it’s a great place to inspire children to be producers, not just consumers. Admire the various handy work projects and watch the many animal shows of other kids with their fair animals. Your child may latch onto an idea, such as perfecting a craft, cooking the best pie, or raising an animal.

3. Shop for treasures at the fair booths

Many fairs offer trade shows and market stands of local businesses in your area. Many of these are crafts people, artists, or bakers. Not only will you find some great unique items, you will also be supporting your local community.

4. Watch the many county fair shows (for FREE)

In most cases, fairs offer a wide variety of different shows for FREE. Your local fair might have tractor pulls, pig races, or round robin showings. These offer great entertainment for the whole family!

5. Check out the carnival rides

Many county or state fairs bring the carnival to town. This means games, rides, and cotton candy! The good news is that the carnival can be relatively inexpensive and a ton of fun for the kids. Plus you might win a prize!

If you get the opportunity to visit your local county fair this summer, you won’t regret it. There is plenty to do for the whole family at a very reasonable cost. You also are inadvertently supporting your local community and youth groups. Plus there is nothing better than a fried funnel cake from a county fair! Have a blast!

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