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Back-to-School: on a Budget

The school year is here once again! While it's an exciting time, the cost of school supplies can be a financial burden. Read on for five strategies that will help save you money when back-to-school shopping.

Shop at Home

Filter through last year’s folders, pencils, markers and other supplies to see what’s still in good condition. Then once you get your supply list, go through and see what you can check off – you’d be surprised by how big of an impact this can have. Also look around the house for old binders and leftover office supplies; you never know what you might have laying around!

Shop Thrift Stores and Rummage Sales

Neither are a sure thing but check to see if a rummage sale or thrift store has supplies on your list; there could be a significant discount. If in need of back-to-school clothing, check out that department too!

Check a Variety of Stores

Stop by your local dollar store or office supply store – they might have better deals on certain items like pencils, pens and paper. If you have several children in need of the same item, check out a nearby Sam’s Club or Costco. Do some math to find out which store has the best deal per box or roll.

Shop Online

Look online for even better deals; often department stores have different discounts on various school supplies. Don’t be afraid to shop around. Target has deals for supplies under $1! And if you don’t want to go for the tissue box with “Frozen” on it, have your kids decorate a generic one for a fun DIY project!

Remember Your Coupons

Check your local newspaper for coupons! Cutting these out and using them can save you quite a bit of money. Also look for coupons online – and Groupon. Whether it be school supplies or clothes, there are most definitely a few ways you can save a buck!

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