Beat the Summer Heat!

Beat the Summer Heat

There are people who find the hot sun and heat intolerable. And when temperatures rise significantly, many lose the enjoyment of going to a beach, an amusement park, or having an outdoor picnic. But no one wants to be held hostage to the weather! These summer places and activities will keep you cool and comfortable while avoiding the heat:

1) Visit a Museum

When was the last time you visited a museum in your hometown? What about another city? Take a drive to your state historical museum and re-connect with history. Go see a special art exhibit, or visit a science museum or planetarium.

2) Go to the Movies

The summer is famous for blockbuster movies. You could go as often as you like and take a friend. Don’t just see the Top 5 weekly box office movies but maybe try something different, such as independent movies.

3) Visit Your Local Library

Have you ever visited your local branch library? How about the main city library? There is something always going on at a library. Go to their web site and see the monthly schedule of activities. Attend a library workshop, book club, read or write in a journal.

4) Go Bowling or Play Billiards

Recruit some friends for a few hours of bowling and pool hall activities. This could become a weekly or monthly outing with maybe dinner afterwards.

5) Go Indoor Ice Skating

Yes, they do exist! Surf the net and see if one is close to your location. Nothing cools you down like a winter activity during the summer months!

6) Try an Overnight Cruise or a Cruise to Nowhere

If you live near a large body of water, a cruise around the lake or harbor is great. You can stay inside, see a show, have lunch, and enjoy the cool water air without getting baked. You can go somewhere over the weekend in the comfort of an air conditioned cabin room or you can plan an even longer cruise for 3 to 7 days to Alaska!

7) Visit an Ice Cream or Coffee Shop

These locations are famous for allowing laptop users or newspaper readers to buy a cup of ice coffee or a sundae and stay for hours. Some business people even hold meetings there. It’s cheap, cool, and the environment is relaxed, inviting, and informal.

8) Play Bingo Games

This game is not just for senior citizens anymore! Find a church or community center, get a few cards, and have fun! The more that play, the more it pays when you win.

9) Take a Mini-Vacation

Go for the weekend or a day trip. Visit a place that is cooler than where you are now. Is there someplace you always said you wanted to visit but just never got around to it? Summertime is just as good as any other time to see some sights.

10) Hit the Indoor Pool

Swimming pools can be very refreshing and some indoor pools even come with air conditioning. There are some hotels that allow outsiders to use their indoor pools. Make some phone calls and find one near you.

Don’t let the summer heat stop you from enjoying the nice weather. Do the coolest thing you can imagine! Instead of complaining, find things to do that will not cause you to wilt in the heat. Beat the heat and have fun doing it!

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