10 Indoor Easter Egg Hunts for Unpredictable Weather

Easter Egg Hunt Indoors

Spring weather in the high country can be pretty unpredictable, but that shouldn’t stop you from planning a fun Easter egg hunt for the kids. To ensure your hunt doesn’t get rained or snowed on (literally), here are 12 indoor ideas to celebrate the holiday:

1) Use Clues

Put clues inside plastic eggs, with each clue leading to the next egg – and finally, to the grand prize Easter basket.

2) Color Hunt

For hunts with several kids, use buckets in the child’s favorite color and have them find and collect colored eggs that match up.

3) Night Hunt

Hold an egg hunt at night, using flashlights and glow-in-the-dark eggs or glow sticks.

4) Trail Hunt

String a ball of yarn around the house, with the Easter basket at the end of the trail. Place colorful stickers, magnets and candy throughout to keep kids on the hunt.

5) Message Eggs

Stick little messages inside plastic eggs telling your child to do something fun – hopping like a bunny or singing a song – while searching for the next egg.

6) Puzzle Hunt

Paint an old puzzle in Easter colors and write clues to the location of the Easter basket. Put one puzzle piece in each hidden plastic egg. Once the clues have been put together, your child will know where to find their basket.

7) Jellybean Trail

Make a trail of jellybeans that leads to hidden eggs and prizes.

8) Trust Hunt

Using a blindfold, guide your child to hidden eggs using “getting warmer” or “getting colder” verbal cues.

9) Privilege Coupons

For a fun prize idea, insert privilege coupons like “stay up past bedtime” or “favorite dinner night.”

10) Easter Money

Make “Easter Money” to place inside plastic eggs. After all eggs are found, your child can use the Easter money to trade for candy, toys, and fun privileges.

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