Featured City Friday: Grand Junction, CO

Featured City Friday highlights fun and interesting features of our agents’ cities across the mountain west region. To kick things off, we’re featuring the city that has the most 360 Insurance agents!

Grand Junction, Colorado

Downtown Grand Junction (Source: colorado.com)

Grand Junction, located in western Colorado, is surrounded by numerous lakes, mountains and rock formations. With mild weather year-round, a different side of agriculture is available than most areas in Colorado – grapes, peaches and nectarines. There are even over 20 different wineries around this beautiful city! Grand Junction is the county seat for Mesa County, Colorado. Like most cities, there is a lot of rich history behind Grand Junction.

In the 1800s, the area was part of the Northern Ute Reservation; Native Americans were later moved west into Utah. Grand Junction has seen a number of name changes including Ute and West Denver. The name “Grand Junction” comes from the junction of Gunnison and Colorado Rivers. The city began to thrive once the Denver and Rio Grande Railroads came into the area in 1887. And soon after, major irrigation turned the valley into the agricultural oasis we know today. Grand Junction is now home to around 60,000 people and is the location of several light manufacturing and service industries, three hospitals, a regional airport and numerous recreational opportunities.

Unique Attractions

Grand Mesa (Source: visitgrandjunction.com)

Grand Mesa

Featuring the world’s largest flat-topped mountain, Grand Mesa is around an hour and a half drive from Grand Junction. This area is a popular destination for fishing, camping, hiking and more during the summer months and is home to the Powderhorn Mountain Resort for skiing and snowboarding in the winter months. Follow the Mesa Scenic Byway for 63 miles and experience the gorgeous national forest the entire way. If you’re looking for a way to cool off this summer, take a trip to Grand Mesa! It averages about 20 degrees cooler than the valley.

Two Rivers Winery (Source: visitgrandjunction.com)

Two Rivers Winery

Started in 1999, Two Rivers Winery is becoming Grand Junction’s newest tradition. The winery, located in the Redlands area, produces around 14,000 cases of wine each year. They produce only six variations of wine, because they want to ensure the predictability and consistency of each release. They offer tours and wine tasting onsite and welcome all who want to stop by. To purchase, you can either go to a liquor store around the Grand Junction area or shop online.


Mesa County Fair

The Mesa County Fair is the event of the summer. From peaches and local artists to livestock and exhibits, this fair highlights the best in the valley and there really is something for everyone. They even have Goat Yoga – an increasingly popular yoga class that introduces animal-assisted therapy in a natural setting. The fair is held in July every year. Make your way to the fair; we promise you’ll be in for a real treat.

Goat Yoga at the Mesa County Fair (Source: mesacountyfair.com)

Palisade Peach Festival

Not far from Grand Junction is the town of Palisade – known for their extraordinary peaches. And every year, the town hosts the Palisade Peach Festival. Here you can find peach eating contests, live music, VIP orchard tours, fireworks displays and a parade. Locals even enter their peaches for the “Biggest Peach” award. If you’re feeling full from all the yummy food, you can run it off at the 1K, 5K or 10K race. There is so much to do at the Palisade Peach Festival, and we didn’t even talk about the car show or “Feast in the Fields”. Check out this events schedule for more detail information.

Palisade Peach Festival (Source: coloradoadventureswithkids.com)


Top Restaurants

Bin 707 Foodbar (Source: bin707.com)

Bin 707 Foodbar

Bin 707 Foodbar, located at 225 N. 5th Street in Grand Junction, takes pride in their unique dishes. Quoted from the Bin 707 website, “We aim to provide a unique, full-service dining experience that is both casual and welcoming, while being inventive and ahead of trends.” From fresh beer and wine to a variety of extraordinary dishes, their menu has something for everyone. If you simply don’t know what to order, the Bin Burger with beehive white cheddar and truffle fries is out of this world.

Cafe Sol (Source: cafesolgj.com)

Cafe Sol

Quoted from Cafe Sol‘s website, “…our goal is to serve fresh, wholesome foods to customers who are searching for something unique. We are passionate about sourcing local, organic and high quality ingredients.” This unique restaurant is awesome because of how sustainable and mindful they are. They have partnered with local farmers to offer fresh food and source their products locally. They offer a variety of dishes ranging from breakfast tacos to chicken guacamole paninis. Also, great news: they DELIVER – on bikes!

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