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Hit the Lake, It Won’t Hit Back

As the temperatures continue to rise, so do our desires to hit the lake and cool off. No matter how skilled you are in boating, it’s always a good idea to review safety rules and procedures before setting sail. Check out these tips for safe boating practices.


Take a boating course

Learn about boating rules of the waters and take a safety course. They are offered locally and can often be completed in a day, in-person or online.

Follow a pre-departure checklist

Having a checklist is an easy way to ensure you have all the proper gear for boating. Check out this one from Discover Boating.

Be weather-wise

Make sure to check the local weather and water conditions before to make sure it is safe to head out on the water!

Watch for algae blooms

Algae blooms are rapid increases in the population of algae in freshwater and can be very harmful to individuals swimming, fishing or even touching the water. Be sure to check the local news or watch for discoloration in the water and be cautious of this dangerous situation.

Know the rules of the waters

Make sure to keep a proper lookout and watch for buoys and other navigational aids. For more information, check out the USCG’s Navigation Rules information page.

Develop a float plan

Make sure to let someone know where you are going and how long you will be gone! This can include: name, address, phone number, boat type and registration information, trip itinerary and types of communication equipment on-board.

Properly use life jackets

Even Olympic swimmers and pets need life jackets: an undertow has the potential to pull you under a rock or underwater cliff which can be life-threatening. Know where you’re swimming and make sure everyone wears a life jacket! Here are a few dog life jacket options from Amazon! And some human ones too!

That's all for now! Thanks for reading.

It's a-boat time! Now go seas the day. Don't give in to pier pressure. We should reely stop now.

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