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Prepare Your Home for Fall

September 16, 2019

Make sure your home is prepared for the changing seasons and get ready for the cooler days with these 10 home preparation tips.


10 Home Preparation Tips


1.Clean out any gutters. 
A few hours of work can prevent any problems in the future. Cleaning out the gutters is necessary at least once a year. While you’re up there, inspect your roof for any damage.
2. Turn off outdoor plumbing. 
Drain outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems. Attempt to cover them to protect them from the frigid temperatures.
3. Start composting. 
Autumn leaves will work miracles on your garden next summer; compost them!
4. Clean garden tools and outdoor furniture. 
Prepare any garden tools and outdoor furniture for storage over the winter season. It might not be quite time to put it all away – just prepare.
5. Plant bulbs for spring flowers. 
When the soil cools down in October, plant bulbs in spots that get full sun and watch them bloom next spring!


6. Prepare your furnace for winter. 
Consider getting your furnace professionally serviced if it hasn’t been done in a while. If you’re not getting it serviced, at least take the time to inspect it and replace the filter before turning it on for the first time.
7. Clean the fireplace and chimney. 
Clean the fireplace, inspect the flue and ensure doors and shields are good for the winter. It's also a good idea to have the chimney professionally swept. If you don’t have firewood, now is the time to do that too!
8. Separate the warm air from the cold air. 
Inspect any windows and doors for leaks. Check weather-stripping by opening the door and closing a piece of paper in the entryway. If the paper slides back and forth easily (it shouldn’t) the weather-stripping needs replaced. Also check the windows and door casings – it might be time to re-caulk.
9. Designate a mudroom. 
Now is a good time to think about designating a “mudroom” for the wet weather to come. Organize and stock the entryway with warm clothes. Put a rug down if you don’t already have one. Consider getting a shoe rack too! Here are some from Amazon.
10. Do a safety check. 
Replace batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors. A handy way of remembering to do this is by doing it when you change the clock on Daylight Savings. Make sure your family has a family fire escape plan in the case of an emergency. Prepare an emergency preparedness kit in preparation for power outages.

That's it; that's the list! Happy Fall, y'all!
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