Farm & Ranch Insurance

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Farm & Ranch Coverage

The Ag Advantage policy offers coverage for the property exposures of your farm and ranch, including your home, outbuildings, and farm and ranch personal property. 360 Insurance also offers a variety of optional coverage that can be added to your policy to meet your individual needs and tailor your policy to fit you.

Property Coverage

Ag Advantage offers coverage for the property exposures of your farm and ranch including your home, farm structures, and farm and ranch personal property. Some optional coverages include: replacement cost coverage for household personal property, earthquake, backup of sewer or drains, and waiver of glass deductible.

Example: Lightning strikes your cattle, killing a few head. Your policy will reimburse you the current market value of the lost cattle up to your policy limits.

Auto Coverage

Our auto insurance provides coverage for comprehensive, collision, and liability exposures. In addition, various deductible options and discounts allow you to customize the policy to meet your needs. Some optional coverages include: theft rental reimbursement, special equipment or paint, rental expense, additional living expense, and accidental death or dismemberment.

Example: You're driving your ranch truck full of beets. You swerve to miss a deer and roll your truck. Your collision coverage would apply to the accident.

Liability Insurance

In addition to standard liability coverage, we offer farm liability coverage for the unique exposures of a farm or ranch. Standard coverages include bodily injury and property damage to protect you from damages to others for which you are legally obligated and medical payments to cover medical expenses of those who are injured on your property.

Example: You are driving your tractor down the highway early in the morning. You turn left in front of an oncoming vehicle causing damage and injury to that driver. Liability coverage will protect you.

Inland Marine

Enhanced coverage is available for your valuable personal property such as jewelry, furs, silverware, guns, coin and stamp collections, and fine arts. We can also insure recreational vehicles, truck cargo, saddles, tack, hay, grain, livestock, farm equipment, and irrigation systems.

Example: You own a high-valued bull who wanders out onto the highway and gets hit by a vehicle. Inland Marine can help replace the market value of the bull up to the policy limit.


If you add on an Umbrella policy, you can get additional liability coverage to protect you against catastrophic liability claims.

Example: If you employ ranch-hands and a job related accident occurs, you could be sued for medical expenses, lost wages and attorney fees. Umbrella coverage can increase your limits to help protect your high-valued property and assets.

Optional Coverages

Ag Advantage is a flexible policy that can be tailored to provide the coverage and limits you select—at a cost lower than buying them separately. You can cover the following under one comprehensive policy.

  • Personal and Farm & Ranch Liability
  • Farm Equipment
  • Additional Living Expense
  • Livestock, Hay, and Grain
  • Dwellings
  • Auto Liability & Physical Damage
  • Farm Personal Property
  • Additional Buildings
  • Recreational Vehicles & Boats
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Household Personal Property
  • Umbrella Protection

Farm & Ranch Discounts

Are you looking for quality home insurance that you can afford without sacrificing coverage? 360 Insurance is proud of the high-quality products and services we offer. The following discounts reflect our commitment to offer these products at an affordable rate without sacrificing coverage.

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