Business Insurance

Providing peace of mind for your livelihood.

Business Insurance

Commercial insurance from 360 Insurance includes a comprehensive package of coverage choices. You can choose the coverage options that provide solutions for your concerns and help give you financial peace of mind.

Property Coverage

Business property insurance provides coverage for your buildings, business personal property, loss of business income, and other exposures.

Example: A car accidentally runs into your building. Your business insurance will cover the building repairs, loss of product and business income. *depending on the coverage you purchase

Auto Coverage

Business vehicle insurance protects your business from potential financial losses involving a car, truck, or trailer used for business purposes. In addition, it provides coverage if you or your employees are involved in an accident and are held legally liable.

Example: Your employee is out delivering flowers for your florist business and they rear-ended by another vehicle. Standard auto coverage will apply for this accident.

Liability Insurance

Business liability insurance covers bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury that may occur at your business or as a result of your operations and products. It includes medical payments to cover medical expenses of those who are injured on your property.

Example: A customer slips and falls on the sidewalk in front of your building. Liability will protect you for the injuries they sustain.

Inland Marine

You may need extra protection for valuable business property that you take away from your principal business location.

Example: Your tools are damaged at a work site away from your business location. Coverage can help pay for the loss up to the limit you placed on your policy.


Additional liability coverage is available to protect you against catastrophic liability claims.

Coverage Options

Our standard businessowners policy provides comprehensive coverage with the flexibility to adapt to your unique business needs. You can cover the following under one comprehensive policy:

  • Business Liability
  • Equipment
  • Business Personal Property/Inventory
  • Business Vehicle Liability & Physical Damage
  • Outdoor Signs
  • Money and Securities
  • Earthquake
  • Condo Unit Owner’s Coverage
  • Spoilage
  • Umbrella Protection

Business Insurance Discounts

Are you looking for quality business insurance that you can afford without sacrificing coverage? 360 Insurance is proud of the high-quality products and services we offer. The following discounts reflect our commitment to offer these products at an affordable rate without sacrificing coverage.

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