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Snow Day! Now what?

January 21, 2019

Snow day! These are a kid's two favorite words. They get to stay home from school and play all's the dream! For many parents however, having their children home all day doesn't sound quite so pleasant. Snow days leave them scrambling to find a last minute sitter, and trying to find activities to keep them occupied all day. We have some ideas to keep your kids busy on those unexpected days at home.


Build a Snow-fort

Give your kids a couple of tubs or buckets from the house, and have some of their friends over. Have them build two different snow forts, and split them into teams for a snowball fight. They will most likely be occupied for several hours and wear themselves out. Afterwards they can come inside and have hot chocolate!

Snow Day Roster

At the beginning of the school year, get together with some other parents from your kid's school, or your neighbors. Create a schedule of rotating shifts to give each other a break. You can send them to each others house for the whole day, or for a couple of hours at a time.

Snow Art

Fill empty spray bottles with water and food coloring, and send your kids outside! They will love adding some color to the yard. They can create flowers, rainbows, or even add color to a snowman or snow fort.

Living Room Blanket Fort

Kids love anything that is outside of the normal routine. You can use the living room furniture, blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags to create your masterpiece. Once your fort is complete, grab some snacks and snuggle in for a movie.

Bake Cookies

There's nothing like warm cookies on a cold snowy day! Have your kids help you to pick out their favorite kind(s) of cookies and bake together! You can make plates to share with neighbors or freeze some for later.

Homemade Snow Cones

After the kids are done playing outside, bring them in for fresh snow cones. Have them gather small scoops of fresh snow, and pour juice on top. An easy and delicious treat! Need more ideas? Check out this article for more activities.

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