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Tips For Working From Home With Kids

Working from home has its challenges and distractions. If you find yourself being distracted by your kids, you are not alone.


Tips For Working From Home With Kids

  1. Assess Your Resources For Help With Childcare. You may be able to find childcare right in your own home, such as your partner or older children. You can also setup a virtual playdate with friends, aunts, uncles, or grandparents to help keep you kids entertained while you work.
  2. Plan Activities That Don't Require Supervision Below is a list of some examples to keep your kids occupied, based on their age:
    1. Babies:
      • Naps, swings, bouncy chairs
      • Shows or videos such as Baby Einstein or whatever you trust
      • Listen to musical songs
    2. Toddlers through elementary:
      • Favorite shows and/or related online games. PBS has many options.
      • Educational games and apps
    3. If they’re older:
      • Reading, writing stories
      • Educational, positive, or inspirational shows or movies: Nature, America’s Got Talent, funniest home videos, etc.
      • School platforms
      • Minecraft or activities that keep them socializing online with their friends.
  3. Prioritize Your Schedule. Plan your day and see what tasks are urgent and need to get done as soon as possible. Then, plan activities for the kids during that time so you can get your own work done. If you’re working at home with your partner at the same time, you could both take turns watching the kids while the other parent is able to work. Then when the kids go down for a nap or bedtime, you both can work at the same time.
  4. Set Boundaries. Be sure to establish boundaries with your kids to let them know that just because you are home, it doesn’t mean you are free to play all day. If your kids are old enough, explain to them that when your door is closed, they have to knock before entering. Also, let your kids know that once you’re done, you will come out and check on them. But until that happens, they need to either wait for you or solve the problem themselves.
  5. Stress Less. Under normal circumstances, you may not allow your children to watch TV or view mobile devices for hours on end. But when you are working from home under different circumstances, there’s nothing wrong with letting your kids have a little more screen time than usual. Be sure to explain to your kids that this is a special circumstance and it will not last forever. When you’re done with your work, turn off all screens and play board games with your family.

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