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Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Are you looking for Valentine's Day crafts to do with the kiddos? Here are some fun ideas that you'll "heart!"


Thumbprint Heart Magnets

These DIY glass magnets are perfect for Valentine's day and are a small keepsake that can be displayed all year long. All you need is heavyweight paper, finger ink pads, clear glass gems, scissors, modge-podge and magnets. Make some to send to relatives, too!

Pom-Pom Valentine Craft Monsters

These adorable little creatures are easy to make and will be the talk of the classroom as your child's shared Valentine. You'll need yarn, a pom-pom maker, scissors, googly eyes, foam hearts, chenille stems (pipe cleaners) and tacky glue to create your own Valentine Monsters.

"You Stole A Pizza My Heart" Valentine Plate Craft

This adorably punny craft is sure to delight and is also super easy to make. All you need is paper plates, some craft paint or markers, red foam sheets or construction paper, scissors and a hot glue gun. It's perfect for a group or classroom of small children and is extra-affordable!

"You Make My Heart Flutter" Butterfly Hand-print Craft

Hand-print crafts make excellent keepsakes, and kids love making them! This paper butterfly Valentine craft is simple and a perfect project for little hands. You'll need construction paper, googly eyes, paint, pipe cleaners, glue and a marker to write "You make my heart flutter!" This sweet craft will look perfect hanging on the fridge or in your office when it's finished.

Valentine's Friendship Heart Necklaces

These unique Valentine's Day necklaces only require a handful of supplies to make, and kids will love giving them to their friends! Gather some craft foam, yarn, pony beads, scissors and a hold punch and you're ready to create these adorable Valentine's Day gifts; perfect for a large group craft.

Rainbow Heart Sun-catchers

Kids of all ages (and adults, too!) will love making and hanging these beautiful sun-catchers in the windows. Reminiscent of stained glass, all you need to make this pretty craft is cardstock paper, tissue paper, clear sheet protectors, scissors, paint brushes and glue. A heart template will also help you make your hearts the perfect shape. Hang them in the window with double-sided tape, and enjoy the way they catch the light!

Have fun crafting!

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